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LEO Smartkey

It is just as big as a car key and lighter than a Smartphone – and yet replaces a whole bunch of keys: the LEO. It combines all the advantages of the tried and true key ring with innovative technology. As the first fully automatic key ring it ushers in a new generation of the key: the Smartkey.

Simple. Nice. Innovative.

As the first Smartkey the LEO lives up to its name. By pressing a button, it shows what it can do: up to six keys it can accommodate. Select and confirm via the display keys and your key is ready promptly. Thus, the smart and comfortable companion not only saves time but also its owner's nerves. The LEO can easily be stowed even inside the smallest pocket and is therefore the ideal companion in everyday life. And yet he must not hide: With its elegant design in stylish color options it presents itself as the trendy lifestyle accessory. Its shell is finished in a high-quality manner and fits comfortably in your hand.


We have implemented the claim to give a little more luxury to everyday life already into the operation. To ensure a maximum ease of use, we have limited the application to a minimum of components. The LEO works in an incredibly simple way: Each key is assigned a number, which is displayed as dice dots in the digital LED display. You select the desired key and in less than a second the key is extended.


Never has your key ring been so small and comapct! Smaller than a debit card, lighter than a Smartphone, perfect for your hand! When developing the LEO Smartkey particular attention was paid to the fact that it can be stowed easily. And yet the keys are still large enough to ensure a quick and easy operation.


The LEO Smartkey always helps you to find your way home. The ahead implemented LED lights help you to find the lock in the dark.


We have reduced the clean design to the essentials. The red LED display places modern accents in all color combinations and thus draws all the attention to itself. There are various design colors and luxury models made of precious metal available to skillfully put your look in motion. In all cases the LEO is captivating due to tactile high-quality material.

Thus, the LEO makes life not just a bit more convenient but also more beautiful.  

LEO Smartkey at a glance:

  • Capacity: 6 keys
  • Extension time: 1 s
  • Size: 91.7 mm (L) x 39 mm (B) x 22.1 mm (H)
  • Weight LEO without keys:approx. 66 g
  • Weight 1 LEO key (made of aluminum-titanium): approx. 2 g
  • Versions: anthracite, later optionally white and red
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery / Run time: up to 3 month
  • Lighting: LED lights on the front panel
  • Accessories: Beltbag, Bottle opener, USB stick, nail file, changing cover
  • Product contents: Leo SmartKeys, 1 charging cable (Micro-USB), 1 keycard, 1 manual


Locksmith partners and prices

In order to operate your LEO Smartkey, the keys must be made suitable for the inclusion into the device. One of our locksmith partners fills your LEO with life by producing copies of your keys out of LEOKEY blanks – a process that takes only a few minutes. All keys inside the LEO you can take out to supplement, to change or to lend them. And the old key ring you can give to your family or neighbors for storage, in the event of having forgotten your LEO at home.

Here you can search for locksmith partners in your neighborhood by postal code: www.leo-smartkey.de/de/service/schluesseldienste

The recommended retail price for editing and copying the standard and special keys are as follows:

  • Standard key: 9,99 Euro (LEOKEY blank including cutting)
  • Special key: 9,99 Euro plus delivery (reworking of the head including patented special adapter)
  • Further information: www.leo-smartkey.de





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Color Black / Schwarz

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