SurfTab® xiron 10.1

SurfTab® xiron 10.1

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Now test victor SurfTab xiron 7.0 HD has a big brother! Our new flagship SurfTab xiron 10.1 is setting sail and travelling with all the speed of its quad-core CPU in the footsteps of its little siblings.

Those SurfTab cores… ... ensure, working along with the perfectly-harmonized timing of 1.6 GHz and 2 GB DDR3 RAM, a pure speed rush. Multitasking problems no longer exist, high-resolution videos unfold in all their glory, and even demanding challenges such as action games are mastered with ease.

Make the most of its sharpness. The 10“ (25,7 cm) large IPS multi-touch display of the xiron 10.1 with 1280 x 800 pixels makes your world much more colourful and sharp. Dive into its visual universe and discover more details. Enjoy first-rate visual moments, made possible by the fine balance of a quick CPU, a high-performance graphic processor and an extra-clear display.

Make SurfTab really your own! The optimized Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean directs and co-ordinates all the requirements of the SurfTab xiron 10.1. Not only that, it also opens up countless additional possibilities for individualizing your SurfTab. And best of all, its user interface is intuitive to use. Doing so, you can without fail quickly and accurately attain your desired settings and applications. Experience at your leisure the fantastic multimodality of the most popular tablet operating system in the world. It gives you access to an enormous range of app offers – and, it goes without saying, the Google Play™ too.

Use the connections of SurfTab xiron 10.1 Using the wide range of interfaces of the SurfTab, you can dive into the digital world in the best manner possible. In addition to connections for Micro-USB and Mini-HDMI™, the card reader, the headphone socket and integrated microphone, plus its two cameras, the xiron 10.1 impresses above all via the wireless interfaces which make connections somewhat more convenient. With Bluetooth® and all WLAN standards, you enjoy complete flexibility in data transfer. Try streaming music via Bluetooth® to boxes, sharing photos and videos in the most varied manner possible via WLAN or taking a romp through World Wide Web. Here xiron 10.1 offers you limitless possibilities.

Miracastulous power Miracast transfers the image content via a direct WiFi connection from one device to another. Send your videos or photos to a suitable television or even beamer. Otherwise, get a TV program via an appropriate receiver on your tablet. Your SurfTab xiron 10.1 will be an effective help to you in this.

Camera pleasure – Camera pleasures Your tablet brings along with it double the camera fun. Via the practical 2 MP front camera, you can carry out conversations via video chat. This means that no nuance of your conversation escapes you, whether in a private or business capacity. The 5 MP, a strong reverse camera with an autofocus, just invites you to take snaps at any opportunity. The autofocus allows you a clear shot. And the opportunities it offers - wow! Hold a perfect moment forever – or an amusing slip-up... The camera offers you 3 a range of modes: the classic photo, panorama views or video recording – and you bring the creativity. Try it out.

With all this SurfTab xiron 10.1 is completely up-to-date and an absolute treat for the eyes with its customary chic design with aluminium back. Opting for a SurfTab? The decision has never been easier.


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Color Schwarz-Silber / Black-Silver
Capacity 16GB internal flash memory
Countries nur in Deutschland erhältlich / only in Germany available


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