Keyboardcase W10 PRO for SURFTAB WINTRON 10.1 (German layout)

Keyboardcase W10 PRO for SURFTAB WINTRON 10.1 (German layout)

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The perfect addition

The TrekStor Keyboard Case W10 pro is a high-quality keyboard case with a stand function and is the ideal companion for all SurfTabs of the wintron series. Thanks to its practical features, it rounds out the Office package for the wintron SurfTabs. The Keyboard Case is equipped with an innovative tablet dock, which you can connect to the wintron with a single click and then immediately get started. The magnets built into the dock and the foldable case hold the wintron in a secure position, allowing you to type comfortably.

Master the art of efficiency

The Keyboard Case comes with a full QWERTZ keyboard that allows you to type just as you would on an ordinary PC keyboard. Numerous function keys specially designed for the wintron functions make it possible to simply operate the SurfTab using fast keys. Whether you’re writing e-mails, editing spreadsheets, chatting with friends or creating presentations, the TrekStor Keyboard Case enables you to work faster and more efficiently.

Protection for your new SurfTab

The TrekStor Keyboard Case is more than just a keyboard. It’s a practical two-in-one product that protects your wintron against scratches, knocks and dirt. It also serves as a protective case thanks to its stable cover and soft centre. Simply fold the front over the wintron and pack it up. The built-in magnet lock reliably protects your new SurfTab inside the case, whether you’re at home or on the go.


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Color Schwarz / Black

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