i.Beat Party BT

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Perfectly pronounced design

With it flowing shapes as well as the unpretentious design in matte black with carbon elements and golden accents, the i.Beat party BT assimilates into any environment. And for all those preferring more color, additional RGB LED lights can be activated to suit this need and create more party vibes.

Flexible audio sources

No matter where your music collection is located, the i.Beat party BT allows you to play it the right way. Connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth is possible, so is connecting an external audio source via the AUX-Input. Or if you choose to get rid of any extra device, simply save to and playback your favorite tunes from a microSD card.

With our included accessories

The party mood hit your spontaneously again? Not an issue, because the i.Beat party BT is shipped with all your need for a head start: shoulder strap, microphone, USB charging cable … all you still need is the charger from your smartphone or tablet to give the battery a first charge.




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Colore Schwarz / Black