DATASTATION PICCO SSD 3.0 met hoogwaardige multifunctionele portefeuille (256GB)

DATASTATION PICCO SSD 3.0 met hoogwaardige multifunctionele portefeuille (256GB)

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High-value, multi functional – perfect for business!

The DataStation picco SSD 3.0 is our first SSD and our second business gadget, next to the Power Bank 2500, for everyone who, in addition to functionality, value elegance and discretion. Thanks to its modern design with no moving parts, the DataStation picco SSD 3.0 works completely silent, is extremely robust and can be operated in any position.

With its measuring of merely 50 x 10 x 84 mm, it is extremely compact and is supplied in a high quality wallet made of black leather that not only protects the DataStation and the included USB 3.0 cable, but also features extra space for your bank notes and credit cards.

Technically, the DataStation picco SSD 3.0 reveals more reliability, longer usability and significantly improved performance compared to conventional hard drives. It ensures easy connection and fast data transfer thanks to its USB 3.0 interface. Additionally, the picco SSD is backwards-compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1, so that you always have the right connection at hand.

In different capacities available, it offers enough space and ensures that you packed up all important data always at hand, yet elegantly so that you can carry it with you.






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